Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring, a time of renewal

All around us is a renewal of life. Bare trees are flowering and then growing leaves. Grass has returned. Between the raindrops, the sun warms our bodies and our spirit after the cold, cold Winter. After months of avoiding the cold outdoors, we are anxious to be outside enjoying it.

With all the renewed activity, it is easy to overdo it. Renew your tired, sore muscles with massage therapy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Message

Christmas Greetings from Cobb County, Georgia!

As the season approaches, it is not unusual to feel stress. Our normal routines have changed. Even good change can be stressful. For many of us, this will be a difficult holiday season like no others that have come before. That is all the more reason to take a moment to count our blessings and remind ourselves that there is still much to be thankful for. Difficult times will pass, and we will still have those near and dear to us, many of whom will join us to celebrate the season.

Do you have a friend or family member who is also feeling the stress of the season? A gift of massage therapy can be the perfect gift for them. What's more, they will remember your thoughtful gift many times -- once when they receive the certificate, once when they call for their appointment, and many times as they are enjoying the relaxing effects of massage and float back into the world that awaits them. You can even order your gift certificates by email.

This Christmas, as a token of my appreciation to those of you, who by our patronage, have allowed me to continue giving massage therapy full time for over twenty-five years, I am adding an extra ten minutes to any gift certificate that you purchase before the close of business on December 24th. (Hint: you can also purchase them for yourself.)

If you are new to Cumberland Muscle Therapy, please take a moment to get acquainted by visiting my website. For a reasonable fee, I offer a customized session to fit your needs, be they to reduce stress, treat chronic pain or discomfort, or as part of your personal wellness program. I am located on Windy Hill Road in Marietta, just off of I-75. If you have any questions at all, please contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Warm wishes,
Toni Roberts, BA, LMT
Marietta, Georgia
(770) 984-8040

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Neck Massage for High Blood Pressure

The Daily Mail reported that researchers at Leeds University in the U.K., have associated regular neck massage with lower blood pressure. It seems that signals in the neck regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. When the neck becomes inactive from stress or pain, those signals stop functioning. They estimate that one in ten Brit suffers from neck pain, usually associated with stress and high blood pressure is responsible for 60,000 British deaths a year and is expected to grow as Brits work longer hours.

Massage Magazine reports that research at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami found that twice-weekly 30 minute massage sessions reduced blood pressure. When compared to the control group that was given instruction for twice-weekly progressive relaxation, both groups had lower anxiety and depression scores. However, the group receiving massage therapy also showed decreased blood pressure, decreased cortisol levels, and lower scores for depression, anxiety, and hostility. They also encouraged larger studies to further their research.

Do you suffer from a stiff or sore neck or high blood pressure? Give massage therapy a try. Call me at (770) 984-8040 for an appointment.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why does massage feel so good?

Imagine one of your usual busy days, working hard, under a deadline. Will you ever get a break from all this pressure? Don't you just wonder sometimes?

When you lie down to receive a massage, sometimes simple act of lying down, taking a load off your feet begins to remove the figurative, but no less real, load off your back. And then the session begins, first with breathing in the relaxation, allowing body and mind begin to let go. And then the touch, the connection, finding the tension spots, feeling them relax under magical fingers. Have you ever wondered why massage therapy feels so good?

Within the first few days of massage school, we viewed what was known as the Touch Video, probably from Nova. In it we learned that if a newborn human was given everything it needs except for touch he would die. There was also a study in a corner store where the checkout clerk would give the customer change either without touching them, or by touching them very quickly and subtly. Outside someone would ask them about their experience, whether they liked the store and whether the clerk touched them. Interestingly those who were touched claimed they were not touched but still rated the business more favorably than those who were not touched.

I think massage feels so good because we are social beings, making touch a part of our very nature. Touch complements our humanity.